Open Organization Week 2016 |

Open Organization Week 2016

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Open Organization Week celebrates Jim Whitehurst's book, The Open Organization, with community driven-conversation about the future of work, management, and leadership.

Building ProudCity as an open organization by Luke Fretwell

A year of conversations about the open organization by Jim Whitehurst

Meritocracy 2.0: A framework for decision-making by DeLisa Alexander

Introducing the Open Decision Framework by Rebecca Fernandez

Transforming food service in Singapore with an open culture model by Huiren Woo

8 steps to more open communications by Sandra McCann

5 most-read stories about open organizations over the past year by Bryan Behrenshausen

What's the most difficult lesson to learn about open culture? by The Open Organization

A leader's ability is the bottleneck of any organization by Nick Dancer

Using research to engage your community by Elise Dorsett

How to avoid Brandy McBrandface issues when running projects openly by Chris Grams