OSCON Austin 2016

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Open source, all the way up the stack: Join the software engineering and developer community to explore what's new in open source languages, tools, and techniques. Sharpen your skills and discover important new trends so you can be better at what you do. Save 30% when you register with code PCOS.

Read our collection of OSCON Austin 2016 interviews, reports, and articles:



Save development time and effort with Ruby—by Jay McGavren, author of Head First Ruby (O'Reilly, 2015)

4 keys to leading open source teams—by Tessa Mero, Cisco developer evangelist

An introduction to data processing with Cassandra and Spark—Dani Traphagen and Jon Haddad

174 OSCON speakers to follow on Twitter—by Rikki Endsley


4 ways to share power, not hoard it—by Nicole Engard

5 keys to hacking your community. What works?—by Nicole Engard

Takeaways from Docker's Solomon Hykes keynote at OSCON—by D Ruth Bavousett

Computer science professor on the changing face of tech—by D Ruth Bavousett

The first steps to addressing your impostor syndrome—by Nicole Engard

A 5-step process for hiring tech talent—by D Ruth Bavousett

Cory Doctorow on the real-world dangers of DRM—by Nicole Engard

The most important skill you need as a leader—by Nicole Engard

The new open source: Money, corporations, and identity—by Nicole Engard

Build your own artificial pancreas system to regulate insulin delivery—by D Ruth Bavousett

Open source at your company? 6 questions your manager will ask—by Nicole Engard

7 ways to make new contributors feel welcome—by Nicole Engard

How to make a culture change at your company—by Nicole Engard

3 alternatives to resumes for hiring talent—by Nicole Engard

A 5 step plan for making sure new contributors have a positive experience—by D Ruth Bavousett

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