174 OSCON speakers to follow on Twitter

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Before I headed to Austin for the Community Leadership Summit (May 14 - 15) and OSCON (May 16 - 19), I went down the "OSCON speakers on Twitter" rabbit hole so you don't have to, and I collected a list of 174 people to follow. (In hindsight, it's a really, really deep rabbit hole.) If I left a speaker off the list who's active on Twitter, let me know in the comments or via a Tweet to @rikkiends.

@aallan@aallan | Alasdair Allan

Scientist, Author, Hacker, Tinkerer, Maker and Journalist. Currently @Make & freelance. Formerly @TheThingSystem, @StarlinkSoft, @UniOfExeter, @KeeleUniversity

@cra@cra | Chris Aniszczyk

Interim Executive Director CNCF.io / Open Source Pragmatist / Avid Runner / Bourbon / Always Paying it Forward (Read his Opensource.com article, How students can get started contributing to open source software.)

@mjasay@mjasay | Matt Asay

VP of Mobile at Adobe (@adobe) for @AdobeMktgCloud. Columnist for ReadWrite, TechRepublic, Infoworld. Arsenal fanatic. Opinions mine, not my employer's

@FallenPegasus@FallenPegasus | Mark Atwood

Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Open Source. Resident of Seattle. (Read our report from Mark's 2014 Great Wide Open conference talk, 7 skills to land your open source dream job.)

@bahmutov@bahmutov | Gleb Bahmutov

JavaScript ninja, image processing expert, software quality fanatic

@keilabanks4@keilabanks4 | Keila Banks

I make nerd cool. (Read my OSCON series interview with Keila, 5 open source programs for the automated teen's toolbox.)

@staceybanks@staceybanks | Stacey Banks

Geek. Pirate Captain. Triathlete. GRT. Race addict! All tweets and snark are my own.

@kennybastani@kennybastani | Kenny Bastani

Always learning through code. I build highly scalable hello world apps for a living. I'm a Spring Developer Advocate @pivotal

@vbatts@vbatts | Vincent Batts

Meditator of so much: helpfulness; mindfulness; open-sourceness; geekiness; polyglotness; /dev/urandomness (Watch Vincent explain Docker in 5 minutes at All Things Open 2014.)

@ryanjbaxter@ryanjbaxter | Ryan Baxter

Husband. IBMer. BlueMix Dev Advocate. OpenSocial Foundation Member. Apache Shindig Committer.

@kattekrab@kattekrab | Donna Benjamin

Drupal. Melbourne. Cats. Coffee. Smoked Buffalo Mozzarella. Gin. (Read Deb Nicholson's OSCON series interview with Donna Benjamin and Leslie Hawthorn, I am your user. Why do you hate me?.)

@cmrberry@cmrberry | Rachel Berry

Helping developers be awesome @GitHub. Working on a Masters @GTOMSCS. Perpetual student of all things tech. Proud wife, mom, and Jew.

@s0ulshake@s0ulshake | AJ Bowen

Boat-rocking, bra-burning, troublemaking incorrigibly curious python bash genealogist hacker person.

@vmbrasseur@vmbrasseur | VM Brasseur

Catnip for Australians. (Read VM's excellent three-part series on How community building can help an organization's bottom line.)

@ericabrescia@ericabrescia | Erica Brescia

COO and co-founder of Bitnami, the app store for server software. Lover of all things culinary. YC W13. (Read our interview with Erica, Bitnami: An app store for server software.)

@selkeymoonbeam@selkeymoonbeam | Kelsey Breseman

A rare and magical woodland creature. Engineer, lexicographer, cartographer. Usually the voice of @tesselproject.

@mbrevoort@mbrevoort | Mike Brevoort

Founder @beepboophq / CTO @robotsnpencils USA

@benbrown@benbrown | Ben Brown

I'm a product designer and software developer and the co-founder of @HowdyAI. I've been on the web since 1996!

@debbryant@debbryant | Deb Bryant

Open Source & Standards @RedHat; civic advocate open government open data; birder, kayaker, and photo geek. Tweets are mine. And the birds'.

@parisba@parisba | Paris Buttfield-Addison

50% of @thesecretlab (#gamedev). I help w/ #DevWorld, write w/ @OReillyMedia. Used to work @Meebo (acq. by GOOG). #SwiftLang and #Unity3D (but not together). (Read Ruth Suehle's report from Paris Buttfield-Addison and Jon Manning's Linux.conf.au 2016 talk, Secret Lab: It's OK to abandon your project.)

@stephcarlson@stephcarlson | Stephanie Carlson

PacNW - Coffee Snob - Traveler - Runner - Fiesty - Seahawks - EMC {code} Marketing and Community specialist - Social Butterfly.

@texasmichelle@texasmichelle | Michelle Ott Casbon

Hadoop. Spark. NLP. Open source. Senior Data Science Engineer @idibon.

@FrancescoC@FrancescoC | Francesco Cesarini

@doristchen@doristchen | Dr. Doris Chen

Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, over 15 years of experience in web technologies. Speaks at JavaOne and conference world wide. Received her Ph.D. from UCLA.

@mishichoudhary@mishichoudhary | Mishi Choudhary

Technology Lawyer, FOSS, Privacy. Legal Director at @sflc Volunteer Executive Director @SFLCin.

@adrianco@adrianco | Adrian Cockcroft

Work: @BatteryVentures, (ex Netflix/eBay/Sun).

@adrianfcole@adrianfcole | Adrian Cole

open source, cloud, code and snarks.

@lcooney@lcooney | Lauren Cooney

Diet Coke fanatic. Change agent. Senior Director CTO Office @Cisco. Lead Open Source Strategy & STEM | STEAM initiatives. Former MSFT, IBM. (See Laura on CIO.com's list, Ones to watch: Influential women in open source.)

@DivaDanese@DivaDanese | Danese Cooper

Open Source Diva.

@justincormack@justincormack | Justin Cormack

Open source, cloud, technology, NetBSD, unikernels, work @docker.

@nowayshecodes@nowayshecodes | Gabrielle Crevecoeur

Microsoft Technical Evangelist. Web Dev junkie. Gamer: Cortana is my alter ego. Nole Girl. Alpha Kappa Alpha. Life's Student. (Read Robin Muilwijk's OSCON series interview, Evangelizing open source: Interview with OSCON speaker Gabrielle Crevecoeur.)

@joedamato@joedamato | Joe Damato

Founder and CEO of @packagecloudio

@DeBergalis@DeBergalis | Matt Debergalis

Founder of @meteorjs and @actblue.

@lorisdegio@lorisdegio | Loris Degioanni

Dad, Skier, Open Source geek, founder and CEO of sysdig.

@ironfish@ironfish | Duncan DeVore

Work @ Lightbend (Typesafe), Love my Wife, Akka, Scala, and Event Sourcing.

@angelluisdiaz@angelluisdiaz | Dr. Angel Luis Diaz

IBM VP Cloud Technology & Architecture, developer, father of the “A” team, Dr. Dre of open tech, avid football & Judo fan and video gamer.

@cdibona@cdibona | Chris DiBona

Googler, Open Source Dude, Dad. (Also see our video interview with Chris on a "default to code" mentality.)

@JamieDobson@JamieDobson | Jamie Dobson

I am the CEO of Container Solutions, a consultancy and product development company specialising in programmable infrastructure.

@doctorow@doctorow | Cory Doctorow

Writer, blogger, activist. If you want a reply, use email. Blog suggestions here: http://boingboing.net/s 0BC4 700A 06E2 072D 3A77 F8E2 9026 DBBE 1FC2 37AF. (Read our interview with Cory Doctorow on influencing the future instead of predicting it.)

@ch_doig@ch_doig | Christine Doig

Senior Data Scientist @ContinuumIO. Python, R, Open Source, Education, Travel, Indie Films. DREAMER.

@jdorfman@jdorfman | Justin Dorfman

Open Source & Standards Advocate @MaxCDNDeveloper - See me talk at #githubsatellite & #OSCON http://j.mp/jd-oscon16.

@briandorsey@briandorsey | Brian Dorsey

Information, databases, distributed systems and glue code. Go, Python, SQL, NoSQL, Japanese, lunch! Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform.

@damianedwards@damianedwards | Damian Edwards

Aussie @aspnet guy at Microsoft USA, tho not speaking for MS (all the time anyway). Lover of craft beer, espresso, fine watches, @seahawks & cricket.

@nayafia@nayafia | Nadia Eghbal

subtle + overt = subvert.

@estesp@estesp | Phil Estes

Senior Technical Leader for IBM's Open Cloud Technologies, #Docker maintainer, 5 kids, 1 awesome wife, worship leader/guitarist, wannabe foodie, cyclist!

@kittylyst@kittylyst | Ben Evans

Software Wrangler, Technical Community Builder and Writer-In-Exchange-For-Cash. Socialist. Geek. Incurable Romantic. Cornish Londoner.

@aidanfeldman@aidanfeldman | Aidan Feldman

bureaucrat @18F, instructor @nyuniversity, dancer Artichoke Dance, danceTactics & @BSPdancearts, organizer @hackerhours, open-sorcerer http://github.com/afeld

@pjf@pjf | Paul Fenwick

Public Speaker: Space · KSP-CKAN · Ethics · Emerging Tech · Psychology · Automation · Feminism · Social/Global Justice. Adventuretarian; World famous in NZ.

@JuliaFerraioli@JuliaFerraioli | Julia Ferraioli

Software engineer @ Google. ML junkie. Armchair archaeologist. Opinions my own, not of anyone who's paying me.

@AmbassadorAwsum@AmbassadorAwsum | Amanda Folson

Dev Advocate @GitLab. Just your average consumer of APIs and IPAs; often at the same time. Owned by 2 cats who are to blame for any tweets that offended you.

@brianatoreilly@brianatoreilly | Brian Foster

Editor at O'Reilly Media. Java, JVM, and Enterprise Technologies. Music lover and avid reader.

@skamille@skamille | Camille Fournier

Senior Thinker and Raconteur. Once and future C*O. Wishes she were tireless, mostly just tired. ZooKeeper, distributed systems dharma, dysfunctional programming.

@davidfowl@davidfowl | David Fowler

Software Developer at Microsoft on the http://ASP.NET team, Creator of SignalR, http://ASP.NET Core Architect.

@spf13@spf13 | Steve Francia

Empowering Developers through Advocacy, Evangelism and Open Source • Author, Speaker, Developer • Creator of Hugo, Cobra & spf13-vim • former Docker & MongoDB.

@chuckstar@chuckstar | Chuck Freedman

Dad, Inventor, Author + Developer Advocate @Intel | http://chuckstar.com

@basiafusinska@basiafusinska | Basia Fusińska

Trying to laugh all the time, embracing life and all emotions it brings.

@sh4na@sh4na | Andreia Gaita

Doing fun things at GitHub. Coder, open source hacker, mono/unity ninja, indie dev, typing C, C++ and C# most of the day, VR enthusiast. (Read our OSCON series interview with Andreia, Confessions of a cross-platform developer.)

@barton808@barton808 | Barton George

Founder & lead Project Sputnik. Office of the CTO focusing on DevOps & Open Source . Avid father. These opinions are my own.

@meghanpgill@meghanpgill | Meghan Gill

Live in NYC. Work at MongoDB. (Read our OSCON series interview with Meghan, How MongoDB motivates and inspires its developer community.)

@_K_E_L_S_E_Y@_K_E_L_S_E_Y | Kelsey Gilmore-Innis

founding member of @lambdaladies. sf native. sign the anti-eviction pledge! http://pledge.antievictionmappingproject.net.

@mariascandella@mariascandella | Maria Gomez

traveller, dreamer, Spaniard living in New York. Also I write software at @Thoughtworks.

@gousiosg@gousiosg | Georgios Gousios

Assistant Professor, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Researcher on Software Engineering, Software Analytics and all things software.

@crgracie@crgracie | Charlie Gracie

Software developer on J9 GC, volleyball player and beer connoisseur.

@bitworking@bitworking | Joe Gregorio

REST, Web, Python, Go, APIs, Dad, Husband, Maker, or any linear combination of such. Googler.

@jamiegrier@jamiegrier | Jamie Grier

Software Engineer @dataArtisans working on @ApacheFlink. Interested in streaming computation and mechanically sympathetic architectures.

@arungupta@arungupta | Arun Gupta

Runner, Author, Father, Husband, Java Champion, JavaOne Rockstar, JUG Leader, Minecraft Modder, Devoxx4Kids, http://devrelcon.com , Couchbase.

@rustyrazorblade@rustyrazorblade | Jon Haddad

Technical Evangelist for Apache Cassandra @ Datastax. Python, Rust, data analysis, machine learning, Spark, db nut. With @dtrapezoid. (Read Jon and Dani's article An introduction to data processing with Cassandra and Spark.)

@Ben_Hall@Ben_Hall | Ben Hall

Tester, Developer, Product Hacker and Trainer. Building http://katacoda.com, an online learning platform for software engineers. @teamKatacoda

@jasonhand@jasonhand | Jason Hand

#DevOps Evangelist for @VictorOps. Author of #ChatOps For Dummies. Co-host of @community_pulse and organizer of @DevOpsDaysRox .. loving .. living .. learning.

@nathanhandler@nathanhandler | Nathan Handler

Site Reliability Engineer @Yelp, @Ubuntu/@Debian Developer, @freenodestaff member

@shanselman@shanselman | Scott Hanselman

Tech, Code, YouTube, Race, Linguistics, Web, Parenting, Black Hair, STEM, Inclusion, @OSCON chair, Phony. MSFT, but these are my opinions. @overheardathome (Read our interview with conference chairs Kelsey Hightower, Scott Hanselman, and Rachel Roumeliotis, OSCON moves to Austin: Will the 18th OSCON be the best one yet?.)

@brainwane@brainwane | Sumana Harihareswara

Founder of @changesetllc. FLOSS geek, feminist, programmer, fanvidder. @recursecenter alumna. She/her. Married to @leonardr.

@brianredbeard@brianredbeard | Brian Redbeard Harrington

hack on CoreOS / open sourcing everything. gentleman deviant, ex-president of hacdc, all around jerk.

@lhawthorn@lhawthorn | Leslie Hawthorn

Developer Strategist @RedHatNews. Storyteller. Frequent flyer & Keynote speaker. American expat in AMS. Cannot be trusted with quinoa salad. Ex @google, @osuosl

@iamwillhayes@iamwillhayes | Will Hayes

Straight Outta West CoCo. Still calling it Frisco. Currently CEO @Lucidworks. Formerly @Splunk. Let's build.

@kelseyhightower@kelseyhightower | Kelsey Hightower

Containers. Kubernetes. Golang.

@dhinojosa@dhinojosa | Daniel Hinojosa

Programmer, Consultant, Speaker, Instructor, Pomodoro Technique Practitioner. Linux, JVM Langs, Ruby, Python, Haskell. Codes on weekends, gets tired on Monday.

@emmajanehw@emmajanehw | Emma Jane Hogbin Westby

Recovering developer, feminist, crafty advocate, erstwhile beekeeper, and small town champion. @OReillyMedia author of Git for Teams. Pronouns: she/her.

@holtbt@holtbt | Brian Holt

enabling binge watchers everywhere through strategic deployment of JavaScripts. senior ui engineer at @netflix; previously @reddit; former Salt Lake Citizen. (Read our OSCON series interview with Brian, What makes React so special?.)

@solomonstre@solomonstre | Solomon Hykes

Hacker & entrepreneur. Founder of dotcloud and creator of the Docker project. http://docker.io http://github.com/shykes

@dizquierdo@dizquierdo | Daniel Izquierdo

@Bitergia co-founder. (Read my interview with Daniel, Analyzing gender diversity in the OpenStack community.)

@jimjag@jimjag | Jim Jagielski

coder, developer, s/w architect, apache dude, open source enthusiast, husband, dad, earthling.

@ryanj@ryanj | Ryan Jarvinen

#OpenSource activist working on distributed platforms and decentralized computing. open standards, open gov, digital rights.

@bkeepers@bkeepers | Brandon Keepers

Open Source Lead at GitHub. (Read our interview with Brandon, Using open source principles to build better engineering teams.)

@goinggodotnet@goinggodotnet | William Kennedy

Is there a limit to how much living I can live with my life? How will I know if I have gone too far?

@clintonskitson@clintonskitson | Clint Kitson

EMC {code} Developer Advocate Leader.

@janellekz@janellekz | Janelle Klein

Mastering the art of teaching developers how to learn. Creator of Idea Flow Learning Framework http://leanpub.com/ideaflow

@alperkokmen@alperkokmen | Alper Kokmen

occasional entrepreneur. software enginner. triathlon enthusiast. ex-msft. currently working at @pagerduty.

@TimKrajcar@TimKrajcar | Tim Krajcar

Manager of Ruby, Node, & Python agents @newrelic and co-founder of two early-stage daughters. Fan of: video & board games, hockey, bass, aviation, @kierstenella

@francium@francium | Francesca Krihely

A highly reactive element. Content Marketing at @MongoDB. Co-founder @fintechhack. Dumpling connoisseur.

@bridgetkromhout@bridgetkromhout | Bridget Kromhout

Principal Technologist for @cloudfoundry at @pivotal. Podcasts @arresteddevops. Organizes @devopsdays. Was ops at @DramaFever. Likes snow, bicycles, & @joelaha.

@benofben@benofben | Ben Lackey

Enterprise software guy. Interested in everything. I enjoy books, bikes, trading and meeting new people.

@ledell@ledell | Erin LeDell

#MachineLearning at @h2oai.

@elaineklee@elaineklee | Elaine K. Lee

Data Engineer at @avant_us. I (re)tweet about coding, cycling, and walkable cities. Views are my own.

@rasmus@rasmus | Rasmus Lerdorf

Breaking the Web.

DanaMLewis@DanaMLewis | Dana Lewis

Built artificial pancreas (#DIYPS). Founder, #OpenAPS (http://OpenAPS.org ). Moderator, #hcsm (Sun 8pmCT). Thinker, doer, teacher of health & digital things.

@lintqueen@lintqueen | Gina Likins

Evangelist aiming to get more educators interested in open source. Red Hatter. Compulsive crafter. (Read Gina's article, Practice makes perfect: How tech events make women feel welcome.)

@bryanl@bryanl | Bryan Liles

Urban American Software Developer | DigitalOcean Cloud Engineer | Opinions are my own.

@adriennefriend@adriennefriend | Adrienne Lowe

cooking, coding, cats... & knives. http://codingwithkniv.es . I work for @djangoproject & organize @PyLadiesATL & @DjangoGirlsATL

@avsm@avsm | Anil Madhavapeddy

Engineering at Docker, faculty at Cambridge Computer Lab, fellow Pembroke College, http://github.com/avsm/

@desplesda@desplesda | Jon Manning

50% of @thesecretlab. I make games, write books, grow beards, research jerks on the internet at @UTAS_, and program little computers. http://lab.to/yarnspinner.

@lastontheboat@lastontheboat | Josh Matthews

Coder/harpist for Mozilla. SUPER EXCITED about open source accessibility. Baritone for @BeardedBaris. Occasional tap dancer. (Read our OSCON series interview with Josh, Is your open source community optimized for contributors?.)

@PatrickMcFadin@PatrickMcFadin | Patrick McFadin

Chief Evangelist for Cassandra. Data Modeling. Operations. Architecture. DataStax. I travel the world educating and advocating. Can I help you?

@jaymcgavren@jaymcgavren | Jay McGavren

Author of the O'Reilly book, Head First Ruby. If you're confused by any aspect of the book or just have comments, I'm here to help! (Read Jay's article, Save development time and effort with Ruby.)

@ashleymcnamara@ashleymcnamara | Ashley McNamara

I am 15% Unicorn, 25% Developer, 70% Sarcastic, 44% Mathematician, and 100% Awesome. If you're mathing right now, Refer to sarcastic. A Racker.

@richerearth@richerearth | Eric McNulty

Harvard-affiliated catalyst for positive leadership in a turbulent world. I write, speak, teach, and connect. Contributor @stratandbiz @safari @HarvardBiz

@tessamero@tessamero | Tessa Mero

Mentor at @Thinkful, #FOSS Contributor. Organizer of @SeaPHP, @PNWPHP, and @JUGSeattle. Snowboarder. Love PS4. Speaker. Traveler. Developer Evangelist at @Cisco (Read Tessa's article, 4 keys to leading open source teams)

@_hmig@_hmig | Heather Migliorisi

Coffee-first, web devsigner that's passionate about creating great uxs for all. #a11y cat. I *heart* RWD & html5/css3 goodness. Sometimes a photographer.

@puredanger@puredanger | Alex Miller

Tending Clojure @ Cognitect. Creator of Strange Loop, Lambda Jam, Clojure/West. Eater of nachos.

@technmsg@technmsg | Alex Moundalexis

Generalist, geek, techie, photographer, wordsmith, and Oxford comma fan. Utilitarian for @Cloudera.

@pythondj@pythondj | Diane Mueller

Director, Community Development @ Red Hat's Open Source Cloud Application Platform: @OpenShift; founder of @GetMakered; Annie & Haley's other mother.

@bitchwhocodes@bitchwhocodes | Stacey Mulcahy

taut follower. All opinions here are definitely anyone's but mine.

@qh_murphy@qh_murphy | Quinn Murphy

Operations engineer, game designer. I love creating things and solving problems.

@LadyNaggaga@LadyNaggaga | Maria Naggaga

Program Manager @microsoft. Happy Developer & Hack Artist. I love to draw Afros http://ladynaggaga.tumblr.com.

@baconandcoconut@baconandcoconut | Deb Nicholson

I like nerd stuff and freedom and eating new things. (Read Deb's articles on Opensource.com)

@DuaneOBrien@DuaneOBrien | Duane O'Brien

Open Source Programs Evangelist at PayPal, Inc. I also do other things. (Read Duane's article, 4 questions to ask before open sourcing a project.)

@barryoreilly@barryoreilly | Barry O'Reilly

Experimental by design, Free-thinker, Curious, Founder and CEO @ExecCamp and Antenn.ae, Co-author @LeanEnterprise_

@kytrinyx@kytrinyx | Katrina Owen

I make http://exercism.io.

@kenowens12@kenowens12 | Ken Owens

Technologist and Innovation Engineer currently CTO Cloud Services at Cisco Systems.

@topopal@topopal | Dr. Tapabrata Pal

Director and Platform Engineering Fellow, Capital One. Developer, Strategist and Evangelist. Always seeking new opportunities and challenges.

@_michaelpaulson@_michaelpaulson | Michael Paulson

Tea Journeyman, Javascript Artisan, Husband, Father, @Netflix Engineer, Believer

@jpetazzo@jpetazzo | Jérôme Petazzoni

I have four words for you: containers, containers, containers, containers.

@kannonboy@kannonboy | Tim Pettersen

Developer Provocateur @ Atlassian, cyclist, poker player & ex-traceur. I'm an Aussie with a Pom mum, Kiwi dad and Canuck wife. I also answer to 'Commonwealth'.

@brandonphilips@brandonphilips | Brandon Philips

CTO @CoreOSLinux. Interests in distributed systems, open source, operating systems, robotics, software. Personal blog: http://ifup.org.

@mpirnat@mpirnat | Mike Pirnat

Counterpoints the surrealism of the underlying metaphor.

@TheSteve0@TheSteve0 | Steven Pousty

Spatial (and now PaaS) Geek with some Ecology topping - I work for Red Hat on their OpenShift product.

@irabinovitch@irabinovitch | Ilan Rabinovitch

Director, Technical Community at @datadoghq, recovering SysAdmin, SCALE Conference Chair, and other FL/OSS fun. (Read our recent interview with Ilan, Finding the signal in the noise of Linux system monitoring.)

@ramalhoorg@ramalhoorg | Luciano Ramalho

Stand-up programmer • Author of @FluentPython • Tech Principal at @ThoughtWorks.

@sramji@sramji | Sam Ramji

CEO at Cloud Foundry Foundation. Software Strategist and Open Source Pragmatist.

@andrew_randall@andrew_randall | Andrew Randall

work @projectcalico @tigeraio live: berkeley ca. live for: kids ski sail food travel. studied: oxford columbia berkeley stirling lyon. lang: de en-gb en-us fr.

@rachelreese@rachelreese | Rachel Reese

Math! Physics, F#, Xamarin, diversity. @therachii, @vtfun, @nashfsharp, @lambdaladies. Sr. Software Engineer at Jet.

@DieterReuther@DieterReuther | Dieter Reuther

Transformation Facilitator. Helping teams grow, innovate and have fun. Download free eBook to discover potential of #LegoSeriousPlay: http://buildtolead.com

@matthewrevell@matthewrevell | Matthew Revell

Marketing and community @exoscale. Founder of DevRelCon @devrel_net

@lizrice@lizrice | Liz Rice

Startups / innovation / technology / cycling / music / @microscaling

@jonnyeight@jonnyeight | Alvin Richards

Often found in seat 13F or 34k, occasionally on stage speaking about Aerospike or otherwise up to mischief someplace near you.

@blithe@blithe | Blithe Rocher

PhD. Master of spatial relationships. Not your average developer.

@kishau@kishau | Kishau Rogers

CEO of @WebsmithGroup, computer scientist, serial entrepreneur, unapologetic southerner & (self-proclaimed) coolest mom. On a relentless pursuit of excellence.

@jesslynnrose@jesslynnrose | Jessica Rose

Technology's den mother. Head of devrel for @dfsoftwareinc & often doing things w/ @opencodeclub, @trans_code & @watchingbuffy DMs open*, views mine. (Read my OSCON series interview with Jessica, Impostor syndrome and the Dunning-Kruger effect in communities.)

@jonasrosland@jonasrosland | Jonas Rosland

Computer enthusiast and indie gamer. Developer Advocate @EMCCode. Speaker at many international events. Loves Open Source and enabling others to use it.

@rroumeliotis@rroumeliotis | Rachel Roumeliotis

Strategic Content Director @OReillyMedia and Programming Chair @OSCON and @oreillysacon - Programming Techniques, Tools, and Languages.

@nithyaruff@nithyaruff | Nithya Ruff

Lead #opensource strategy @SanDisk, a leader in Flash. Tweet on #womenintech, #openinnovation. #Linux #ceph #cloud #bigdata #storage (Read Nithya's article, 6 essential non-coding careers in open source.)

@laurelatoreilly@laurelatoreilly | Laurel Ruma

Director of Acquisitions and Talent at O'Reilly Media. Homebrewer, foodie, farmer in the city. Untappd: laurelinboston

@jbaruch@jbaruch | Baruch Sadogursky

J*, G* and Public Speaking Geek with JFrog FTW.

@AlvandSalehi@AlvandSalehi | Alvand Salehi

Technology Advisor at the White House. CA native with a soft spot for In-N-Out. Views are my own.

@o0karen0o@o0karen0o | Karen Sandler

(Read our interview with Karen, Open source's identity crisis.)

@wseltzer@wseltzer | Wendy Seltzer

geek, lawyer, cyberprof

@morganpdx@morganpdx | Morgan Senkal

Seeker, teacher, student. Or, 'Morgan does all the work for like, everything that ever happens in Portland.' (Read our OSCON series interview with Morgan and Kathy Lee, Storming the government castle.)

@dshafik@dshafik | Davey Shafik

Professional PHP Developer, Author, and Speaker. Developer Evangelist for @akamai. ❤️ @mhprompt & @phpwomen.

@ashevat@ashevat | Amir Shevat

dir of DevRel @slackhq. former Googler DevRel, MSFT DPE, Startup guy.

@filler@filler | Nick Silkey

DadOps & @AusOps | It's Probably Fine | ☁️'n like whoa at @Rackspace Public Cloud, doing Ops and RelEng

@josephsirosh@josephsirosh | Joseph Sirosh

Sharing thoughts about big data, data science, machine learning & advanced analytics. Day job: Corp VP for the Data Group at Microsoft.

@esoelzer@esoelzer | Eric Soelzer

human, product manager at @HowdyAI working on bots and playing in bands

@JudiS217@JudiS217 | Judi Sohn

Salesforce.org Open Source Community Manager. MVP Alum. Knitting when not thinking about how to make nonprofits more efficient. Tweets are mine alone.

@aspyker@aspyker | Andrew Spyker

Technology Devotee, Cloud and Performance Hacker, Runner, Wine and Poker Enthusiast, @Netflix, ex-@IBM.

@ericastanley@ericastanley | Erica Stanley

Co-founder of @WWCAtl, Advisory Board @100GirlsofCode Tech & Social Entrepreneur | Speaker | Occasional Artist | Traveler | Lover of books & all things geek.

@jystewart@jystewart | James Stewart

Director of Technical Architecture, UK Government. Part of @gdsteam. Husband to @klstewart and dad to E & A.

@kstewart@kstewart | Kevin Stewart

VP Engineering @NodeSource. Previously @CreativeCloud @Adobe. Native New Yorker seeking asylum in Seattle.

@hannelita@hannelita | Hanneli Tavante

Software developer, Engineer, Programming Languages, electronics, Science, Math, bookahoolic, tech, Pokémon, Lego, animals, coffee drinker.

@ethomson@ethomson | Edward Thomson

I've been writing version control software for the last fifteen years... but I don't have a problem; I could stop any time I wanted.

@everett_toews@everett_toews | Everett Toews

Developer Advocate at Rackspace.

@MimmingCodes@MimmingCodes | Jen Tong

I help people cause trouble with code.

@dtrapezoid@dtrapezoid | Dani Traphagen

Speaker & Tech Trainer @ DataStax, teachin' C*. Python, Data Sci, DBs & I have a B.S. in Molec. Bio. (Read An introduction to data processing with Cassandra and Spark, by Dani and Jon Haddad.)

@atseitlin@atseitlin | Ariel Tseitlin

VC @ ScaleVP. Entrepreneur and technology executive who can't get enough of startups. Wharton MBA, UC Berkeley CS.

@geekgonenomad@geekgonenomad | Kyle Tyacke

Evangelist. Adventurer. Lover of all things crafted.

@amygdala@amygdala | Amy Unruh

Over-educated computer geek… easily amused. Cloud platform developer relations @ Google.

@bvanevery@bvanevery | Benjamin VanEvery

Among other things, engineering in SF Bay and working at Box.

@carolynvs@carolynvs | Carolyn Van Slyck

I love software development, kitties and a good steak.

@TimToady@TimToady | Larry Wall

Yes, that Larry Wall.

@swardley@swardley | Simon Wardley

I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice. Industry mapper, chaotic evil, destroyer of undeserved value.

@partytimeHXLNT@partytimeHXLNT | Rachel Weil

Video game historian. NES homebrew developer. Codemaker @ Microsoft. I also do

@caseywest@caseywest | Casey West

Dad, software architect, technical lead, change agent, programmer, beverage enthusiast. Principal Technologist for @cloudfoundry at @pivotal.

@estellevw@estellevw | Estelle Weyl

Reborn web developer. Follower of specs. WWW3CD? Judging your source code since 1999. she/her

@_nicolemargaret@_nicolemargaret | Nicole White

Doing things at @neo4j.

@emilyxxie@emilyxxie | Emily Xie

At @recursecenter. Formerly engineering @Wayfair. Curriculum chair & instructor @GDIBoston. I like art, puns, floral prints, and the em-dash.

@saronyitbarek@saronyitbarek | Saron Yitbarek

I wore a t-shirt to my wedding. Developer. Founder @CodeNewbies. Managing #TechJobsAcademy at @MicrosoftNY. Work hard and gaf.

@fakerapper@fakerapper | Kortney Ziegler

here. craft beer drinker. vintage fanatic. dog dad to an awesome tiny dog. PhD (yes, really). startup founder. optimist. lover. fighter. brilliant.

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Rikki Endsley is the Developer Program managing editor at Red Hat, and a former community architect and editor for Opensource.com.


So...If you count the list, you'll notice that we're now at 175 because I added Brandon Keepers to the list. (Thanks for reaching out, Brandon!)

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