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Cambridge, MA

Deb Nicholson wants to make the world a better place with technology and social justice for all. After many years of local political organizing, she started handling outreach for the Free Software Foundation and became an enthusiastic free software activist. She likes talking to developers about software patents, to project maintainers about leadership and to activists about free software. She is currently the Community Outreach Director at the Open Invention Network and the Community Manager at GNU MediaGoblin. She also serves on the board at Open Hatch, a.k.a. Free Software's Welcoming Committee. She lives with her husband in Cambridge, Massachusetts—surrounded by a community of food nerds and noisy musicians.

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Oooh, can't wait to see your talk about this at SeaGL

To get back on track and encourage quieter speakers to contribute, I'll often say, "Is there anyone who hasn't spoken yet, who would like to chime in on *whatever the current topic is* before we move on to the next thing we're planning to discuss?"