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RSS icon gets an upgrade

Posted 28 Sep 2010 by 

Jason Hibbets (Red Hat)
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What do you think of the new RSS icon?

I'm not sure what you changed
50% (28 votes)
Why is the RSS icon staring at me now?
20% (11 votes)
The new size is just right
21% (12 votes)
Make it bigger
9% (5 votes)
Total votes: 56

We've made a small change on the site, but hopefully it will have a big impact.

Thanks to the recommendation from the Client Advisory Team at Acquia, we made the RSS icon in the header a little bigger.

Many subscribers use the RSS feed to

discover new content from We think a bigger icon  will make it easier for more visitors to subscribe to the RSS feed.

Hopefully, the larger icon isn't overkill. As always, feedback is welcome, so let us know what you think.


Bryan Kearney

I look for the RSS icon in the firefox search bar. On the page I tend to miss it.

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I like the size upgrade, but I'd also recommend giving the corners some curve. I know its just a style thing, and I'm no designer, but rounded corners just feel more "blingy", you know? Maybe even give the icon that glossy/glassy shine?

Especially since over 80% of the people polled on how they get their content updates from OSDC marked RSS! (I was the one vote so far that checked "other", for non-monthly Mailing list updates).

Just my $.02,

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Jason Hibbets

Jason Hibbets is a senior community evangelist in Corporate Marketing at Red Hat where he is a community manager for He has been with Red Hat since 2003 and is the author of The foundation for an open source city. Prior roles include senior marketing specialist, project manager, Red Hat Knowledgebase maintainer, and support engineer. Follow him on Twitter: @jhibbets