Tell us your favorite part of the celebration

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What was your favorite part of the 1-year anniversary celebration?
People's Choice Award
40.6% (13 votes)
Moderators' Choice Award
3.1% (1 vote)
Points and badge beta announcement
15.6% (5 votes)
Reflection on the first year by Jim Whitehurst
6.3% (2 votes)
Anniversary splash page (Tuesday only)
12.5% (4 votes)
Contributor Spotlight announcement
3.1% (1 vote)
Annual reader survey
6.3% (2 votes)
Best images of 2010 announcement
12.5% (4 votes)

We hope you've had a chance to celebrate our anniversary this week with us. There's been a lot to see, do, and participate in, and we'd like to know what your favorite was. Thanks for your feedback, and feel free to add other comments below.

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