Call for images: Collaboration challenge |

Call for images: Collaboration challenge

Call for images: Collaboration challenge
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At, we take pride in providing compelling, creative-commons images for the content published by our community. Most of the images you see on the site come from our core team of designers here at Red Hat, but as our community grows, the job just keeps getting bigger. We need better images, faster. Sound familiar?

You may have seen the Flickr page we maintain with all the images that have been posted on the site, but that's only half the story. We also have an open group on Flickr. And we invite any interested photographers, image-makers, and generally creative people who are interested to join us. Help us make the images that bring our content to life with illustration—and get some of your work published in the process. Want even more fun? Every once in a while, we might have a little competition.

2-week collaboration challenge

Barn raising - collaborationSo here's a 2-week challenge. Make an image that screams 'collaboration' in all its messy, innovative glory. Use any medium you want, from crayon to tricked-out DSLR, from cell phone camera to oil paints. Show us how collaboration can have a real impact, or what can be achieved when people come together to accomplish something. There's some examples of "collaboration" images we've used in the past on the right, but we need something new. Go crazy.

crowd colloaborationOk, crazy within limits. We can't, for instance, accept performance art at this time. And we do have a few requirements our lawyers and layout need you to follow:

  1. All images should be 1040px by 584px, and still look good when reproduced at half and quarter scale.
  2. All submitted images should be licensed CC-BY or CC-BY-SA (get more information about Creative Commons licensing at, and indicated as such in Flickr. This means that any source material you use MUST also be CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, or public domain AND be credited to its source. A link in the image description is perfect.
  3. Aim to be motivating, editorial, authoritative (but not authoritarian), human, and optimistic. There's a place for dark, brooding images—but isn't it.

When you're done with your masterpiece, upload it to your Flickr account. Then join our Flickr group and add your image to the group pool. While you're there, leave us a note! There's a discussion thread just for this collaboration challenge and we'd love to hear your voice.

All submissions for the collaboration challenge should be added to the group by October 31, 2011. We'll announce the top three images the next day, chosen by some of our moderators.

Oh, you wanted a prize? We'll send the top three contributors a stunning t-shirt, of course. It's just a small way to say thanks.

If you don't make the top three for this challenge, there will still be room for glory. Our moderators monitor our Flickr pool to find illustrations for future content. So there are plenty of chances to be published on, even if your submission doesn't rise to the top for this challenge. Stay tuned to see if any of your contributions make it to prime time.

And don't stop contributing on October 31. This is just a small primer to help kick off the effort for the group. Feel free to add other images that represent the principles of open source, such as transparency, rapid prototyping, and community. Or even how you think open government, open health, and open education take the form of an illustration. We're looking forward to seeing what our community can make!

About the author

Libby Levi - Libby is a graphic designer on the Red Hat brand team. As an illustrator, she reads articles, draws pictures, and combs Flickr for creative commons gems. When she's not doing that, she makes things... usually monsters, and usually plush. She graduated from NC State in 2007.