Poll: Which type of session is most appealing? | Opensource.com

Poll: Which type of session is most appealing?

Which would you be most interested in attending as an opensource.com session at the Red Hat Summit?

23 votes tallied
A panel of our author award winners
2 votes
A panel of the authors of 2010's top articles
6 votes
A panel of moderators from each of the channels
1 vote
An outside visionary
1 vote
A panel of visionaries/leaders
7 votes
Comparisons/benchmarking of Android tablets
6 votes
Other (explain, and feel free to specify a person or people)
0 votes

We'll be attending Red Hat Summit / JBoss World this year in Boston, MA from May 3-6, 2011. The opensource.com team has a speaking slot on Friday morning and we'd like your help to determine what we should focus us. Thanks for your feedback.

If you voted "Other," please use the comments to explain.