Community spotlight: Peter Borsa, fan of Drupal and Fedora |

Community spotlight: Peter Borsa, fan of Drupal and Fedora

Community spotlight: Peter Borsa fan of Drupal and Fedora
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On, our community is very important. This is why we started the contributor spotlight earlier this year. But we wanted to also recognize community members who contribute in ways other than writing articles--things like rating and commenting, voting in polls, and sharing our collective work on social media. So this is the first of our community spotlight posts.

Meet Peter Borsa. He's a student at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. He is passionate about Drupal and Fedora. We hope you enjoy getting to know Peter and finding out what he thinks the biggest challenges to openness are and why he chooses the open source way.

The basicsPeter Borsa

  • Name:  Peter Borsa
  • username: asrob
  • Location: Debrecen, Hungary
  • Occupation/Employer/Position: Student at the University of Debrecen
  • Open source connection: A member of the Drupal community, the Fedora community and the Fedora Insight Project
  • Favorite open source tool or application: Drupal
  • Favorite channel: Life

Questions and answers

Open up to us.

I am a student, studying Engineering Management, at the University of Debrecen, living in Debrecen, Hungary. I have used various Linux distributions since 2003, but I've been using Fedora Linux since 2008. I am using various open source tools such as Drupal, and that is why I am a member of the Drupal and Fedora communities. I work for various clients as a freelance Drupalist.

What open tools and data help you get things done, and how do they help you?

As a freelancer I am using the Activestate Komodo IDE for coding, git for code management , and Drupal itself, and last but not least Fedora is my awesome operating system.

What do you wish were more open?

That is a good question. I would say hardware designing, hardware manufacturing, processing, and recycling. Within software: the patents, and patenting, more open patents with the GPL.

What are the biggest challenges to openness that you encounter, either at work or in your life?

Well, I learned GIS [geographic information systems] last semester, but we used AutoCAD. As far as I know, there is no AutoCAD port for Linux. That would have been good [if there was an open version of AutoCAD], I could have used that.

Why choose the open source way?

I like to give, share ideas and code, and hear from people that my ideas or code helped them.



A great interview! I'm looking forward to reading more from our community members.

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Thank you Bryan! ;)

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Thanks, Bryan!

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