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Android is an operating system for mobile devices which is based on the Linux kernel. While primarily developed by Google, the various components that make up Android are released under open source licenses, allowing others to create their own derivatives. Read more about the many open source applications available for Android in these articles.

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Use Scrcpy to turn your phone screen into an app running alongside your applications on a Raspberry Pi or any other Linux-based device.
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Reimplement the Android Auto protocol to cast movies and additional applications on automotive head unit displays.
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Start your journey toward cross-platform development with the popular Flutter framework.
Tux and Android stuffed animals on shelf

Use Termux and Flask to create, develop, and run a web app on your mobile device.
Android security and privacy with a lock

Meet /e/, a privacy-focused, Android operating system independent of Google.
Tux and Android stuffed animals on shelf

Use a text editor, SSH into a computer, or even maintain your Kubernetes cluster right from the palm of your hand with Termux.
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A proof of concept using AndroidXML and TotalCross provides an easier way of creating UIs for Raspberry Pi and other devices.
scientific calculator

The Android app does a wide range of advanced mathematical functions in the palm of your hand.