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Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

'Bash it out' covers basic, medium, and advanced Bash scripting using 16 puzzles.
Computer laptop in space

Keep your eyes on the stars by putting your Linux machine in night vision mode with xcalib.
Command line prompt

Learn how to write custom programs in Bash to automate your repetitive tasks. Download our new eBook to get started.
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Use this script and save yourself the hassle and wasted paper of trying to manually load and print double-sided documents.
Command line prompt

Learn the commands and features that make Bash one of the most powerful shells available.
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A simple script to list files, directories, executables, and links.
metrics and data shown on a computer screen

ScreenFetch and Neofetch make it easy to share your Linux environment with others.
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Take our poll or tell us about your favorite terminal trick. Is it a nifty productivity shortcut or a fun Easter egg?