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This is our annual collection that we run at the end of each year of our most popular articles on important topics in open source.

Hands on a keyboard with a Python book authors shed light on new ways to use the popular programming language.
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Ansible is an open source automation tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples of last year's most popular Ansible tutorials and stories.
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A round-up of Raspberry Pi tutorials, home automation projects, and open source apps that encourage environmentally conscious behavior.
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

15 resources for new users and longtime fans of this free operating system.
Brain on a computer screen

Keep these handy cheat sheets at your side while you learn the Linux command line or practice a new programming language.
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With only a little knowledge of C, you can do a lot.
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These articles contain hacks, lesser-known facts, and tips and tricks that can come in handy while working with Git.
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With the power of open source, programming can be accessible to anyone. Find a project you want to work on, and let that be your first entry to programming.