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This is our annual collection that we run at the end of each year of our most popular articles on important topics in open source.

Kids in a classroom learning about Raspberry Pi programming

Block ads with pi-hole, build your own NAS, meet the B+ and A+, and more.
Blocks for building

Get the latest on cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and more.
People work on a computer server with devices

What's the one thing you would save if your datacenter was literally on fire?
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of more clouds.
Group of kids crowded around a teacher with a laptop

The most-read articles about containers from 2018 show what you need to know to be successful in 2019.
A python with a package.

It's been a watershed year for the Python programming language. Catch up on the top stories about Python.
hand holding lit sparkler

Here's how we'd sum of the year in a few words: Linux, Python, sysadmin tools, and security.
A gavel.

Get up to date with these 5 articles, from GDPR to licensing.