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Couchbase CEO on rise of NoSQL

Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold offers insights into the rise of NoSQL and how it can be an ingredient for a company’s success.Read more

Introducing the Astara project, a preview of Liberty and Mitaka, and more OpenStack news

Blue clouds, OpenStack
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Top 5 open source desktop email clients

Desktop email clients
Explore these open source alternatives to Outlook. Thunderbird is far from the only name in the game!Read more

Stephen King's practical advice for tech writers

Six tips for tech writers from Stephen King.Read more

Jane Austen on Python: The intersection of literature and tech

Jane Austen book page
This article is for the English majors, the bookworms, the lovers of literature, and the people with humanities backgrounds who sometimes struggle...Read more

Does your company know how much open source it uses?

Open source interview series
Software licenses are the legal underpinning of open source projects, but companies don't always know how to manage them. Jeff Luszcz explains in...Read more

September review: Top 10 and editor's picks

In September we ran 101 articles, including 10 by first-time contributors. We've rounded up our most popular reads and six of our...Read more

Navigating a sea of frontend frameworks

Open source on the seven seas
Which frontend framework should you pick for your next web app? Pam Selle will address this famously difficult question at this year's All Things...Read more