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What tips and advice can you learn from others working in open source fields and jobs? Our contributors offer unqiue articles on the subject for job seekers, recruiters, and newcomers to open source.

Brain on a computer screen

Best practices for establishing trust and open leadership on your team.
Puzzle pieces coming together to form a computer screen

Let's break free from the technical vs. non-technical labels in the tech industry in order to be successful.
Looking at a map for career journey

Working remotely during my summer internship didn't hinder my ability to contribute my Python skills or learn new capabilities.
Looking at a map for career journey

Whether you've been working for decades or are just starting in non-engineering tech role, this advice can help you figure out where you belong.
Looking at a map

There are many roles in tech for people who aren't engineers. Explore some of them in part 2 of this series.
question mark in chalk

Dividing people into "technical" and "non-technical" labels harms people and organizations. Learn why in part 1 of this series.
Practicing empathy

With heightened awareness about empathy and the inspiration to spread it, open source productivity will grow, collaborators will lean in, and the power of open source software development can be fully harnessed.
Looking at a map for career journey

There are plenty of ways the open source world can expand for 2021. Here are the three areas I'm particularly interested in.