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What tips and advice can you learn from others working in open source fields and jobs? Our contributors offer unqiue articles on the subject for job seekers, recruiters, and newcomers to open source.

Learn a few tips for moving into a new technical culture.
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Learn how to hire the right DevOps talent in a trending market.
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Want to build a positive, productive work environment? Focus on finding a mutual fit during the hiring process.
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These tips might be helpful for sysadmins or developers looking to transition into DevOps.
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Working on open source projects can give you experience and connections you'd probably never get anywhere else.
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Are you worried automation will replace people in the workplace? You may be right, but here's why that's not a bad thing.
Two hands holding a resume with computer, clock, and desk chair

Be more prepared, confident, and impressive at your next job interview with these strategies.
Lots of people in a crowd.

Fostering a diverse, inclusive work environment is more important than ever—especially for DevOps teams, where candidates often call the shots. Here's how one situation went wrong, and some questions to keep your hiring on track.