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What tips and advice can you learn from others working in open source fields and jobs? Our contributors offer unqiue articles on the subject for job seekers, recruiters, and newcomers to open source.

Please hire me on a typewriter

Avoid being another faceless resume in the stack with a cover letter that shows how you're better than the rest.
Two hands holding a resume with computer, clock, and desk chair

You have 30 seconds to make a good impression. Here's how to make your open source resume stand out.
A person programming

College programs don't always teach the real-world skills you need in today's workplace. Here's how to boost your knowledge through internships and open source opportunities.
Gears connecting

A small project to automate a web developer's invoicing process morphed into a full-fledged open source gig management system.
Hearts, stars, and dollar signs

Negotiating a job offer is stressful, but these steps could help put more money in your paycheck.
Several pencils

What are hiring managers looking for?
Two hands holding a resume with computer, clock, and desk chair

These five leadership tips can help anyone motivate employees to do their best work.
Careers in open source, code language background

Leaving an open source project differs from regular job turnover.