Community management

A practical guide to cult(ure) of DevOps: Steps to reduce gossip

There is no easy path to building trust between yourself and others. There is no gigantic easy button that you can push and–presto!–everyone trusts...Read more

Firing community members

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Low-quality contributors don't bring much other than noise: they are a net drain on resources because other good contributors have to take time away...Read more

3 key elements that define every open source project

What truly defines any open source project, making it a unique entity that is different form all other open source projects? I would propose that...Read more

Listen up! It's not all code and content

Robyn is an Operations Advocate for Elasticsearch, an end-to-end search and analytics platform. In this interview, she answers my questions about her...Read more

Puppet Labs community manager on setting expectations

The other side of community involvement in an open source project is the end users. It's hard to be a successful open source project if no one is...Read more

30 community managers in open source to follow on Twitter

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A list of 30 community managers in open source you should follow on Twitter from Community Manager and Project Lead for, Jason Hibbets.Read more

Got an open source project? SimplyBuilt has a website for you

The team at SimplyBuilt is giving back to the community by offering free websites for open source projects on GitHub.Read more

5 community managers give their biggest tip for 2015

Community managers from TYPO3, Puppet Labs, Bonitasoft, Elasticsearch, and Nethserver share their advice and tips from 2014 around community...Read more