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Whether you want to know about open source events or host your own, the articles in this section will improve your next in-person meetup experience.
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Voice interaction is increasingly moving from science fiction into science fact, and privacy concerns are increasing traction for open source solutions.
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This combination can close the skills gap by enabling IT professionals to acquire critical skills in complex distributed systems technology from any location.
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Doing Linux kernel and firmware development leads to lots of reboots and lots of wasted time.
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How the quest to prevent time from running out led to all corners of the Linux kernel.
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Method models climate change scenarios by processing vast amounts of high-resolution soil and weather data.
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Automation pipeline and tooling enables Kubernetes users to test a cluster's scalability and performance.
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Cacophony Project uses the latest technology to monitor and protect endangered bird populations against predators.
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Kubernetes' features that streamline the software development workflow also support the data science workflow.