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Welcome to our collection of containers articles. For a detailed explanation of containers, check out our what are Linux containers and what is Docker resource pages.

two ships passing in the ocean

"Container runtime" is an overloaded term.
Containers, the GPL, and copyleft: No reason for concern

Wondering how open source licensing affects Linux containers? Here's what you need to know.
5 reasons Kubernetes is the real deal

Kubernetes will be at the heart of a large and growing percentage of infrastructure—on premises and...
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

Learn about CRI-O, a lightweight alternative to using Docker as the runtime for Kubernetes.
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

Learn the basics of using the open source container management system with this easy tutorial.
two ships passing in the ocean

The Google-developed container management system has quickly become one of the biggest success...
But I don't know what a container is

I've been speaking about security in DevOps—also known as "DevSecOps" * —at a few conferences and...
10 layers of container security

Employ these strategies to secure different layers of the container solution stack and different...