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I have a background that spans many areas of IT, including web development, IT systems administration, technical writing, content management, digital media, and more; I strive to be a modern Renaissance Man. I handle open source operations in the Open Source Group at Samsung, and run Open Source Today, a news blog where I advocate open source technology and cover new developments in the open source industry.

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Who's using Docker?

I've spent the last couple of months working an internship for The Linux Foundation, doing research on new developments and adoption trends in the open source industry. If you…

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SX Create is an awesome event! I will admit, there is a substantial amount of open washing from companies that think their device's API makes it "open." However, there are still a ton of great organizations and companies that show up who are doing great work with open source. In particular, there are a lot of fun things for kids to do to get introduced to hacking on technology.

Nice! I look forward to the how-to, heart arrhythmia runs in my family so it would be great to check something like this out. With how sporadic it can be, it would be nice to have something on-hand that can be used to monitor the heart as needed.