A brief history of Drupal from 1.0 to 8.0
A walk through Drupal's evolution chronologically, including key design decisions and feature upgrades.
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A step ahead on Drupal 8 with easy accessibility design
Catharine McNally and David Spira of Phase2 will present Easy Accessibility in Drupal 8: Practical, Compassionate, and Cost Effective at DrupalCon NOLA 2016.
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DrupalCon interview with Mike Gifford
DrupalCon presenter Mike Gifford shares his thoughts on Drupal accessibility and more.
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DrupalCon interview with Greg Anderson
Greg Anderson is all about boosting productivity and improving development workflows. He shared some of his insights in this interview.
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Solving university needs with Drupal
DrupalCon presenter Jeff Diecks talks about the challenges of managing a university's web presence.
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DrupalCon interview with Amber Matz
DrupalCon presenter Amber Matz talks about the intersection of Drupal and the Internet of Things.
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Linuxfest Northwest interview with Max Bronsema
Drupal architect Max Bronsema talks about what developers can expect in the latest version of Drupal.
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Tips for prioritizing Drupal enhancements
Kendra Skeene shares how her team decides which Drupal development projects to pursue.
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Getty Scholars' Workspace: A Drupal-based platform for collaborative research
See how this Drupal-based tool can help collaborative research projects stay organized.
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Sustainable Drupal: Save energy by speeding up your CMS
How to optimize the open source CMS, Drupal, which drives about 12% of the CMS market.
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