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The Emacs text editor has long had a legion of devoted fans. Whether you've been using Emacs for many years or you're new to the software, the tips, tricks, plugins, and more shared by Opensource.com authors will help you use this popular software better.

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If you're already familiar with GNU Emacs, you should feel right at home in Freemacs.
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If you're looking for a fast, easy Emacs editor without a long list of dependencies, give Jove a try.
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Emacs isn't a mere text editor; it places you in control and allows you to solve nearly any problem you encounter.
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A long-time, loyal Vim user moves to the other side in the age-old debate between text editors.
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Emacs' versatility and extensibility bring the editor's full power into play for writing data science code.
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You can use LaTeX for scientific and technical documents without all of the confusing commands and syntax you would normally need.
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Learn how Elisp deals with variables and to use them in your scripts and configurations.
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10 tips for diving into the world of this useful group of open source text editors.