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FreeDOS is an open source operating system which is compatible with MS-DOS and applications designed for this older operating environment. If you've got a legacy application that you want to keep running, whether it's a classic game, an embedded system, or simply an old application, FreeDOS can help you do it.

Learn how to get started or download this handy cheat sheet for FreeDOS.

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Throughout its nearly 30-year journey, FreeDOS has been the modern DOS.
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There's a version of tar on FreeDOS, but the de facto standard archiver on DOS is Zip and Unzip.
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Programming in C on FreeDOS is very similar to C programming on Linux.
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Here's how I transfer files between my FreeDOS virtual machine and my Linux desktop system.
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Install Bywater BASIC on your FreeDOS system and start experimenting with BASIC programming.
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If you're already familiar with GNU Emacs, you should feel right at home in Freemacs.
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BASIC was my entry into computer programming. I haven't written BASIC code in years, but I'll always have a fondness for BASIC and GW-BASIC.