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Gaming is rapidly expanding beyond proprietary operating systems to a wide variety of platforms, including Linux, and open source games are regularly being released. Would you like to learn more? Check out our introduction to open gaming.

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With VRSpace, you can play group VR games across platforms without sacrificing your privacy.
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Mythic Table allows users to share Dungeons and Dragons game maps online.
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Get to know Python the fun way using the step-by-step instructions in our new eBook.
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Deploy a Minecraft server into a Kubernetes cluster with Ansible's new collections.
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Step through a game programmed for Open Jam 2020 to get tips for your own design.
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Game jams are a really fun way to create something interesting quickly, provided you don't succumb to the pitfalls.
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Hear what happens when your hero fights, jumps, collects loot, and more by adding sounds to your game. Learn how in the 13th article in this series on creating a platformer in Pygame.
Gaming with penguin pawns

Use chroma key or "green screen" techniques to set transparencies on your video-game graphics.