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Gaming is rapidly expanding beyond proprietary operating systems to a wide variety of platforms, including Linux, and open source games are regularly being released. Would you like to learn more? Check out our introduction to open gaming.

Linux toy: adventure

Our final day of the Linux command-line toys advent calendar ends with the beginning of a grand adventure.

Install, configure, and launch all your Linux games from a single interface with this open source gaming platform.
Arcade games

Relive the golden age of gaming with these open source platforms for Raspberry Pi.
Characters from a video game

Many people first became fascinated by computers as gaming devices, and later turned this fascination into a technical career path. Were you one of them?

Text-based adventure gaming leads to a satisfying career in tech.
Open Jam logo

Participants will build an open source game from scratch in 80 hours, play and judge other games, and compete for a chance to have their game featured at All Things Open.
Word bubbles with people talking

Episode 1, Season 2 of the new podcast Command Line Heroes drops today.
Arcade games

Challenge your strategic skills and explore new worlds with these five open source games.