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Gaming is rapidly expanding beyond proprietary operating systems to a wide variety of platforms, including Linux, and open source games are regularly being released. Would you like to learn more? Check out our introduction to open gaming.

Penguin driving a car

Fulfill your need for speed with these five open source racing games.
Puzzle pieces

Test your strategic skills with these fun, accessible puzzles.
gaming UI

Open source game development plugin allows Unreal Engine users to create unique user interface elements with web-based programming.
What's a hero without a villain? How to add one to your Python game

In part five of this series on building a Python game from scratch, add a bad guy for your good guy to battle.
MapTool: A robust, flexible virtual tabletop for RPGs

Create maps, manage games and tokens, chat with other players, and more with this open source role-playing game tool.
PCGen: An easy way to generate RPG characters

Open source, Java-based app makes character creation and maintenance sublimely simple without taking the fun out of either.
Scratch for gaming

"Make a Difference" is a simulation game created entirely from open source tools, code, and audio-visual content.
5 open source card and board games for Linux

These popular games offer a rich, satisfying gaming experience for open source enthusiasts.