GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) is a mature, feature-packed free and open source image editor.

Painting art on a computer screen

Create complex mathematical images with GIMP's Script-Fu language.
Painting art on a computer screen

Learn GIMP's scripting language Script-Fu by adding an effect to a batch of images.
word learn in chalk on blackboard

Professional design software like Photoshop is terrific, but it’s also expensive. What do you do...
Artistic spraypaint bottles

Check out these useful and creative add-on brushes to improve image creation in GIMP.
A daisy swirl

On the 19th anniversary of the 1.0 release, let's celebrate some of the many reasons the open source image editor has made a difference.
Computer, person, lightbulb, and chat box in yellow bubbles with blue background

The term "alternative" generally means something not in the majority or the mainstream. When it...
Ants and a leaf making the word "open"

Learn about project management tools the Dototot team considers fundamental to professional media...
Get started with open source, orange flames

Just getting started with GIMP? Here are a few tips that might make your onboarding experience a...