Cristiano L. Fontana was a researcher at the Physics and Astronomy Department "Galileo Galilei" of the University of Padova (Italy) and moved to other new experiences.

Authored Content

Painting art on a computer screen

Create complex mathematical images with GIMP's Script-Fu language.
Person using a laptop

Racket is a great way to learn a language from the Scheme and Lisp families.
Painting art on a computer screen

Learn GIMP's scripting language Script-Fu by adding an effect to a batch of images.
Computer screen with files or windows open

Node.js and other JavaScript libraries are excellent choices for data science. Here's why.
Chat via email

ZeroMQ makes for a fast and resilient messaging library to gather data and share between multiple languages.

Contributed Content

Education is essential to being a sysadmin, developer, or any type of IT professional

Learn how to incorporate open source principles and technology into the classroom.