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Open Contracting Principles reflect norms and best practices from around the world

open data in government
Authored by Lindsey Marchessault Over the past year, the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) has facilitated a global consultation process to create a...Read more

Observations from this year's NSA Open Source Industry Day

open source control not desirable
I attended the NSA Open Source Industry Day in Maryland this year and thought I'd summarize what did and didn't surprise me. We'll see if these...Read more

NC Datapalooza 2013: Why publicly available data is innovative

open government data
If you live in the southeastern US (aka the Bible Belt) as I do, you’ve probably been to a church revival or two (or twenty). Revival is an event...Read more

The US Constitution version 2.0

open government
After 'version 1.0' of the US Constitution was released to the public on Sept 17, 1787 there was remaining discontent among several states regarding...Read more

Four tips for building better apps for government

open government apps
Government CIOs have ample resources to do a great job for their communities and citizens. They have smart, well-intentioned people working for them...Read more

Do you have a cloud exit strategy? Here’s one clear path.

cloud in open government
The federal government’s march to the cloud has, at times, seemed more like a cautious ballet than anything else. While cloud-based projects are...Read more

What’s ahead for open source in government

open government two way
It’s a relatively quiet time for most governments around the world right now. Typically, during this time there are few new initiatives, policies, or...Read more

How might you use the Open Data Policy Guidelines?

Open Data Policy
Authored by Laurenellen McCann, national policy manager for the Sunlight Foundation. As more communities recognize the power and possibilities of sharing public data online, there is an increasing need to articulate what it means to open data—and how to create policies that can not only support these efforts, but do so in a sustainable and ambitious way.Read more