Open source technologies, communities, and methodologies are playing an increasingly important role in international governments and policy-making.

US Department of State unveils Open Book Project

open education resource
In late January, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unveiled the Open Book Project ( remarks , project page , press notice ), an initiative to...Read more

Bring openness to your local government with Code Across America

Code Across America
Code Across America is scheduled for February 22-24. It will be a weekend of community building and moving the needle for more openness in local...Read more

International Open Data Hackathon Wiki now live

open data standards
The wiki The Open Data Day wiki (sans logo, so a little rough around the edges) is now live and ready for action. The wiki is where organizers can...Read more

Open source tackles city permit process with OpenCounter

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The City of Santa Cruz is the smallest community to ever partner with Code for America , but it had one of the largest problems to solve: how to make...Read more

Danish municipalities using open source to innovate and collaborate

gov commons
Danish municipalities are increasingly using free and open source software for collaboration and innovation of ICT solutions. More than 10% of the...Read more

Open source initiatives can strengthen cities’ downtown revitalization

open source city
The open government movement in the United States is well underway, though still brand new in terms relative to the pace of the workings of...Read more

OpenOakland: Another city learns the value of open communication

Government can't be a vending machine
I recently co-founded an organization called OpenOakland with Code for America alumni Eddie Tejeda. One of our passions was that we both believe that...Read more

Government tech stakeholders gather at state hackathon

open source in use here
Great things for open government happened last year on November 15-16 at the 4th annual Capitol Camp event, organized and hosted by the New York...Read more