The Opensource.com hardware collection includes articles on tiny computers, including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino; open wearables; Linux and hardware compatibility; laptop reviews; monitoring tools; and more. For some background, read our introduction to open hardware.

SSH into your Christmas tree with Raspberry Pi

LightShowPi Christmas tree
Anderson Silva revisits his popular holiday light show project.Read more

3 open hardware projects for beginners

Open source yearbook
Looking to get started with open source hardware? Check out these cool projects from Lunchbox Electronics.Read more

Raspberry Pi Zero: a $5 computer

Pi Zero
The new issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, comes with a free computer stuck to the cover.Read more

Linux monitoring tools to keep your hardware cool

David Both explains the importance of keeping hardware cool and shares some Linux tools that can help.Read more

Betty Hacker embeds open hardware electronics into cakes

An open-hardware-powered wedding cake.
Alicia Gibb, aka Betty Hacker, offers tips for embedding open hardware electronics into cakes.Read more

Open ethos powers Aleph Objects' success

Open hardware words in neon
Aleph Objects, Inc. makers of the LulzBotĀ® 3D printer, cite Free/Libre/Open Source principles as one of the key reasons for its success.Read more

Inside SparkFun's Fellowship of the Things video series

Open hardware words in neon
Chelsea Moll tells us about SparkFun's new IoT-inspired video series.Read more

An Arduino-powered My Little Pony donation box

My Little Pony fan art with dollar sign
Tinkerer Michelle Leonhart shows us how she made her My Little Pony themed donation box.Read more