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Our hardware articles include Raspberry Pi and Arduino, open wearables, Linux and hardware compatibility, laptop reviews, monitoring tools, and more. For background, read our introduction to open hardware.

Penguins on beach

One Linux user shares his journey in keeping modern firmwares current.
custom-built maker workbench

Bill Rainford's heavy-duty maker workbench features dimmable LED lamps, electrical outlets, sturdy...
Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition

The new Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition is a good looking and well built machine that runs Ubuntu and...
HardwareX promotes open source hardware for science

The purpose of HardwareX is to help accelerate the distribution of low-cost high-quality open...
Top 10 Raspberry Pi add-on boards

HATs are add-on circuit boards and accessories that add functionality to your Raspberry Pi.
How I welcomed an immigrant family with a Linux laptop

How to build a Linux laptop to help an immigrant family learn English.
Make things 'til you make it at the Blowing Things Up Lab

The Blowing Things Up (BTU) lab is located at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where Emily is...
The story of Ultimaker

The story of the Ultimaker and its user community show how being open is in fact sustainable.