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Our hardware articles include Raspberry Pi and Arduino, open wearables, Linux and hardware compatibility, laptop reviews, monitoring tools, and more. For background, read our introduction to open hardware.

Greenhouse garden with tomatoes

Keep track of your greenhouse's temperature, humidity, and ambient light using a microcontroller, sensors, Python, and MQTT.
Business woman on laptop sitting in front of window

Get more performance from your PC with the hardware upgrades that will give you the biggest payback.
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Get to know the new OSI-approved Cryptographic Autonomy License and CERN open hardware licenses.
Computer hardware components, generic

MicroBlocks brings a Scratch-like interface to programming the Micro:bit, Circuit Playground Express, and other microcontroller boards.
Person using a laptop

Competitors will receive a free real-time operating system (RTOS) development board.
Old UNIX computer

Install OpenBSD and the Xfce desktop to give a new spin to an old machine—for free.
Computer hardware parts

Documentation is an important foundation for any open source project, to guide your community and keep it open.
Science lab with beakers

Review finds significant cost savings when using free and open source scientific hardware over proprietary equivalents.