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The open source community regularly steps up with solutions to help people and communities in need. Learn about some of these humanitarian projects in this section.

Lightning in a bottle

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, embracing open government principles—such as open data, collaboration between citizens and government, and transparency—can save lives.
Open prosthetics

Duke University's eNable chapter collaborates with sponsors and other innovators to create and deliver 3D-printed prosthetic devices to amputees
World locations with red dots with a sun burst background

The Philippine Heritage Map is documenting the country's at-risk historical sites and structures to digitally preserve valuable data and imagery.
open source button on keyboard

What are the implications of a language falling out of use every two weeks?
A circle of handshakes.

The Third World Problems project is building a community to apply open source solutions to serious human challenges.
Two hands holding a resume with computer, clock, and desk chair

Learn how you can use your open source skills to make a difference in the world.
Share in pixels

Nonprofits benefit from expert technical development work and volunteers have a chance to leverage...
green background with illustration of people and business and learning tools

Thanks to open source software, Powering Potential and the Raspberry Pi Foundation are able to...