Code Alliance connects nonprofits with tech volunteers

Code Alliance connects nonprofits with tech volunteers
Nonprofits benefit from expert technical development work and volunteers have a chance to leverage their professional skills to give back.Read more

How open source software builds strong roots for better governance

UN flag with open source in government text
A strong society has a common ownership of its critical infrastructure. co-founder Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson discusses why open source...Read more

Frontline and the missing middle mile

Frontline is building open, configurable tools that make it easier to connect and translate systems using the world’s most distributed technologies.Read more

When the United Nations calls, MicroMappers acts

Map of tweets in Haiti for disaster relief efforts
How open source and crowdsourcing tool MicroMappers analyzes big data for disaster relief around the world.Read more

2015: The year the UN resets the count

UN flag with open source in government text
Working at the bleeding edge of global development is about to get more lively. co-founder Mark Charmer argues the world needs the open...Read more

5 open source projects making the world better you should know

Humanitarian open source software, outreached hand
One of the strengths of the open source community has been its ability to bring concentrated effort to bear on big problems. Necessity is the mother...Read more

Using OpenStreetMap to respond to disasters before they happen

Kate Chapman, executive director of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, gave Tuesday's keynote at about preparing and responding for...Read more

Coding for good: Highlights from the open source humanitarian movement

HFOSS, Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software, is a movement inspired first by the December 2004 Asian tsunami, and then by other humanitarian...Read more