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What motivates free software developers to choose between copyleft and permissive licences?

open source licensing
Free software licenses can be divided into two broad categories: copyleft licenses (like the GPL ), which require derivatives of the software to be...Read more

More voices join the chorus for patent reform

patent reform
Patent reform is hot! The momentum seems to be building in Congress for patent reform to address the problem of nefarious patent exploiters (also...Read more

The Fantec decision: German court holds distributor responsible for FOSS compliance

foss lawyers
Co-authors: Thomas Jansen and Hannes Meyle The GPLv2 continues to be the most widely used FOSS license, but has been rarely interpreted by courts...Read more

QUIZ: What do EFF, movie studios, automobiles, and your local grocery store have in common?

patent reform
If you guessed that they are all big in California—well, you're kinda right. But the more significant answer is that they are part of a growing broad...Read more

Everything you need to know about licensing in 2 minutes

open source and copyright law
Software is protected by copyright law in the U.S. and many other countries. Anyone that wrote the software, owns the copyright and can say how it is...Read more

A banner year for patent litigation in 2012

patent litigation
Open source community members and most everyone else involved in software are concerned about patent lawsuits and the activities of non-practicing...Read more

The FTC roadmap on patent litigation aggressors

patent litigation aggressors
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) appears to be ramping up for an investigation of Patent Assertion Entity (PAE) practices. In a noteworthy, welcome...Read more

Congress looking to act on patent assertion entities

government and patent law
Congress is beginning to focus on the abusive use of patents by Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs) with new legislative proposals. House Judiciary...Read more