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Hackathon-style sprint event to build Intro to Open Science course

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The future of open is a dynamic landscape, ripe with opportunities to increase civic engagement, literacy, and innovation. Towards this goal, the...Read more

Creative Commons license liberates knowledge of ESIP community

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Erin Robinson, the Information and Virtual Community Director for the Foundation for Earth Science , the management arm of the Federation of Earth...Read more

Open source economic model: Sell the license or charge a consulting fee?

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On two recent occasions I've been asked to share why the open source economic model is sound. The first was on the elevator with an academic...Read more

Younger developers reject licensing, risk chance for reform

Modern copyright law grants copyright automatically to any creative work, including simple things like blog posts – and small pieces of code on...Read more

Dancing E startup aimed at knowledge sharing for all

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What do 16th century Incas, 18th century shipyards and 21st century professionals have in common? Phil Verghis describes an issue that has plagued...Read more

10 ways to get started with open source

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My experience tells me there are a lot of people interested in trying open source, but they don't know where to start. And the perception that you...Read more

Which open source software license should I use?

I’ve recently been involved in several discussions that are variations on, "Which open source or free software license should I choose for my project...Read more

Moebuis Noodles: a collection of math games for kids

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Dr. Maria Droujkova (@mariadroujkova) and Yelena McManaman authored the book, Moebuis Noodles, to engage kids with early math concepts. Their...Read more