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Maryland, USA

Michael Parks, P.E. is the owner of Green Shoe Garage, a custom electronics design studio and technology consultancy located in Southern Maryland. He produces the "S.T.E.A.M. Power Podcast" to help raise public awareness of technical and scientific matters; as well the "Gears of Resistance" podcast which advocates for the Maker Movement and various Open Source initiatives. Michael is also a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Maryland and holds a Master’s degree in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University.

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Why open hardware is winning

While recently demonstrating a prototype to a family member I was asked, "Are you going to patent that?" While happy to see such enthusiasm, I tactfully declared that I couldn…

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Glad you enjoyed it! I get your point, I think everyone is creative to a degree. I think the difference is that many people don't know how to transition idea to reality. But yes, analytical types are key because they separate the truth from opinion by digesting data. And that is very important if you want commercial success. Bottom line, I agree... diversity is key!

It's like you read my mind, your reasoning is exactly why I started my small open source hardware business, Green Shoe Garage. Great article! Thanks for sharing!