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You can learn a lot from the open source community, but don't forget to be respectful.
A screen of code.

How a family friend installing Linux set him on a path to a fulfilling hobby and career.
Remote people connected on clouds

Contributing to open source is more than a way to make better software; it can enrich your entire life.
Red heart with text "you are not alone"

Trying out Perl to solve a development problem led to a career-transforming love for free and open source software.
Writing Hand

A tale of discovery in the 90s.
"what is your story" on chalkboard

Five, short personal stories about first introductions to the world of open source software.
Characters from a video game

Many people first became fascinated by computers as gaming devices, and later turned this fascination into a technical career path. Were you one of them?
Clock, pen, and notepad on a desk

How one student's search for a powerful, energy-efficient workstation grew into a passion for open systems.