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Why the operating system matters in a containerized world

The rise of containers do not spell the end of the importance of the operating system in application infrastructure. Because the operating system...Read more

Migration to open source tool inspires new Linux distribution

Free and open source software
The idea of creating a Linux distribution with Firebird database came to me a long time ago when I was structuring the IT department of a company...Read more

Peppermint introduces cloud-based open source desktop to Africa

better computers
Open source makes a lot of sense in rural areas and in third world countries. Lightweight and open source systems that are easy to use, and which...Read more

What's the best Linux desktop environment for me?

Linux desktop environment
When you install a Linux distribution, a set of programs comes along with it. It's easy to add and delete elements of the programs that don't fit...Read more

Making the case for the non-techie to jump into Linux

developing possibilities
Are you an XP user looking for a similar alternative? Is your PC aging but you don't care for the Windows 8 Metro interface?Read more

Four Linux distros for kids

Linux operating systems for kids
I can see the brightness of curiosity in my six year old niece Shuchi's eyes when she explores a mobile phone or manipulates the idiot box with its...Read more

Mozilla evangelist talks favorite Firefox OS phone apps and addresses misconceptions

FireFox OS phone
Download the free All Things Open interview series eBook Jason Weathersby is an experienced coder and co-author of Integrating and Extending BIRT ...Read more

Why experiment with Linux?

Linux Desktop
In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen the announcement or release of a number of new products: the iPad Mini , an updated version of the full-size...Read more