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Find out about the history of Perl, how to start programming in Perl and get involved with its vibrant community, and pick up practical Perl programming tips and tricks.

A Perl module for better debugging

This simple, elegant module lets you include Perl code for debugging or development-only...
OpenGL bindings for Bash

A project that started as a joke can be useful to people wanting to learn the concepts of OpenGL.
hands programming

Take some of the trickiness out of building regular expressions in Perl with the Regexp::Common...
Eben with a Java hello world message

How many ways can your Pi say "hello world"? We say hello to 10 of them.
Perl hashes and arrays: The basics

I get asked from time to time why I enjoy programming in Perl so much. Ask me in person, and I'll...
Image of spider web

Perl module Web::Simple is easy to learn and packs a big enough punch for a variety of one-offs and...
Camel image

A developer explains the features that make Perl his language of choice.
Delorean running Perl

After people get over seeing a DeLorean driving down the street, their next surprise is that it has...