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Find out about the history of Perl, how to start programming in Perl and get involved with its vibrant community, and pick up practical Perl programming tips and tricks.

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A developer explains the features that make Perl his language of choice.
Delorean running Perl

After people get over seeing a DeLorean driving down the street, their next surprise is that it has an in-dash computer written in Perl.
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Learn how to use the PerlMagick module to organize and manipulate multiple images from the command line.
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Created for utility and known for its dedicated users, Perl has proven staying power. Here's a brief history of the language and a look at some top user groups.
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We're all free to pick what we want to run on our Raspberry Pi.
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Learn this easy and fun script to convert temperatures, and try weights, distances, and typographic...
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The fascinating story of Perl's role in the dynamic web spans newsgroups and mailing lists, computer science labs, and continents.
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Gabor Szabo, owner and primary editor of the Perl Weekly , has created a new, comprehensive list of...