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People work on a computer server

As many have found, the lure of the Perl is hard to resist.
Getting started with Perlbrew

Install multiple versions of Perl on your system with Perlbrew.
Image of spider web

Extract data from the web with the HTML::TableExtract tool in Perl.
How programming evolved from knitting

Knit one, purl two: A symbolic language is used to create and produce patterns.
Mouse: A time-saving object system for smaller projects

There are several great object systems for Perl, and Moose is one of them. But Moose comes with a...

Perl simplifies code by supporting use of lambdas, unnamed functions that serve well for data-rich...
A Perl module for better debugging

This simple, elegant module lets you include Perl code for debugging or development-only...
OpenGL bindings for Bash

A project that started as a joke can be useful to people wanting to learn the concepts of OpenGL.