Teaching teachers to teach open source

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Work on a free software project for a humanitarian cause

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A guide to teaching FOSS: teachers as learners

teachers as learners
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How to get a class involved with an open source project

open source projects in the classrom
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Getting started with HFOSS in the classroom

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Open source software experience for educators

posse 2013 educators in open source
The Professors' Open Source Software Experience (POSSE ) workshop is being held this year in Philadelphia from June 2-4. To prepare for the workshop...Read more

Open Faculty Expertise grant helps teachers gain necessary expertise

teacher learner
A group of colleagues— Stoney Jackson (Western New England University), Sean Goggins (Drexel University), Darci Burdge (Nassau Community College),...Read more

POSSE 2012: Where true open source project problems and solutions arise

POSSE (Professors Open Source Summer Experience) is a week long introduction to the FOSS community and its tools, development and instruction that...Read more