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Red Hat Summit is an annual event that showcases innovations in open source cloud computing, platform, virtualization, middleware, storage, and systems management technologies.

Different types of clouds

Learn why cost savings shouldn't be the primary driver for migrating to the cloud.
Different types of clouds

Pre-alpha component aims to simplify the management of multiple Kubernetes clusters by synchronizing resources across multiple public, private, and hybrid clouds.
Word bubbles with people talking

Stereotypes aside, the fates of designers and developers are forever intertwined. Here's how to get everyone on the same page.
Locks on a bridge in Paris

Developers don't need to become security specialists, but they do need to shift away from a mindset that views security as some unfortunate obstacle.
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

Before you invest time and money in developing your cloud, make sure it's something your users will use.
diagram of planning a cloud

The daily cloud hype is unavoidable. Understanding the different types is the first step in avoiding the pitfalls.
Arrows pointing different directions

Traditional and agile planning differ in significant ways. Before you make the leap to agile, make sure you understand how it's distinct from what you're used to.
Two different business organization charts

In June, author and Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst appeared on an episode of theCUBE, where he shared...