Digital archaeology and open source

The Digital Index of North American Archaeology ( DINAA ) project is an index of linked open data citations and ontological connections that cross-...Read more

Release early, release often in scientific research

Release early, release often in scientific research
Why don't academics discuss research before starting the work? In a recent blog post , Jack Kelly asked this simple question, and it is a striking...Read more

Steering science back to its roots of reproducibility (a TEDx talk)

reproducibility in open science
I gave a talk at this year's TEDx Albany event, " Saving Science - Open Up or Perish ," where I talked about something that I am very passionate...Read more

The Open Access Week community to hit its stride at this year's event

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A celebration of the open access movement, Open Access week hosts events that are aimed at highlighting how open access has transformed the landscape...Read more

Open access to scientific knowledge has reached its tipping point

compete or collaborate?
A recent study funded by the European Commission and undertaken by analysts at Science-Metrix, a Montreal-based company that assesses science and...Read more

Linux Foundation and OpenBEL collaboration has potential to advance science

OpenBEL software helps researchers
A new Linux Foundation Collaborative Project has the potential to advance science through the use of open source software. The Linux Foundation...Read more

Science finds a better foundation for research in the open

Open science research
Imagine a world in which reproducible, repurposable, open scientific research is the norm. Certainly there are potential stumbling blocks ahead:...Read more

Open Chemistry project upholds mission of unorganization, The Blue Obelisk

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Chemistry is not the most open field of scientific endeavor; in fact, as I began working more in the area (coming from a background in physics), I...Read more