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Explore how kids are using Scratch, an open source development environment, to learn the art and science of coding in a fun, interactive way.

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Advance your Scratch skills with loops, conditional statements, collision detection, and more in this article in a series about teaching kids to code.
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Learn how to get started with Scratch in this article in a series about teaching kids to code.
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Coding is for everyone—from preschoolers to adults. Here are some ways to help you and your children learn to code.
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The holiday break and start of the new year are just around the corner, and this week's "Hour of...
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Whether you are a software developer or you have no programming background, these six practical...
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Scratch is a great tool for teaching programming to young children, but what happens when kids...
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Imagine being a high school freshman walking down the halls of your new school on the very first...
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The growing shortage of qualified programmers, computer scientists and software engineers is...