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University of North Georgia

A tenured professor of computer science and director of the Center for Cyber Operations Education at the University of North Georgia, Bryson Payne is the author of the books Teach Your Kids to Code (2015) and Learn Java the Easy Way (2017) from No Starch Press, and instructor for the Udemy.com online courses Teach Your Kids to Code (Python), Learn Java the Easy Way, and Real-World Ethical Hacking, with over 16,000 students enrolled from 148 countries.
Featured in the Wall Street Journal and CIO Magazine, and a national speaker on technology education and leadership, Dr. Payne has been programming computers since the age of 12; he sold his first paid program for $10 to RUN Magazine (Commodore 64) for their "Magic" column in 1985.
He previously taught middle school math and programming and continues to work extensively with K-12 schools to promote technology education, using coding, 3D printers, robots, drones, and mobile apps.

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Thanks, Don - I appreciate the kind words! It means a lot coming from a fellow author and coding enthusiast - thanks for everything you do to encourage kids to code.

I agree completely, and thanks for posting! Yes, command-line to scripting, scripting to coding in Python - it's not just a great path to empower beginners, it's the way we're teaching the next generation of Cyber Heroes at UNG! Sys admins, network admins, security analysts and many more high-demand, high-paying IT roles can grow directly from the path you laid out - not to mention great coders and general problem-solvers. And the world needs all the problem-solvers it can get. Thanks for the comment, and have a great week,