50 ways to avoid getting hacked in 2017

secure your systems
Paul Simon rounded up 50 ways to lose a lover, and we round up 50 ways to secure your systems.Read more

Keeping your system secure with SELinux

Few things in the Linux world evoke a strong reaction like SELinux , the security enhancement for Linux. At LinuxCon, Susan Lauber hopes to soften...Read more

Bringing new security features to Docker

In my previous on article on Docker Security , I wrote that containers do not contain. In this second part, I cover the security features that have...Read more

Are Docker containers really secure?

This article is based on a talk I gave at DockerCon this year. It will discuss Docker container security, where we are currently, and where we are...Read more

Best of Top guides for getting things done the open source way

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This year at, we challenged our contributors to give us the best and most useful guides, how-tos, and tutorials they could produce...Read more

Your visual how-to guide for SELinux policy enforcement

SELinux policy guide
We are celebrating the SELinux 10th year anversary this year. Hard to believe it. SELinux was first introduced in Fedora Core 3 and later in Red Hat...Read more

Harvard goes PaaS with SELinux Sandbox

open education
Running students' submitted programs is a security challenge for any university Computer Science department. When Harvard University contacted me...Read more

History of open source in government

pssst! open source in use here
It is difficult to imagine the Federal government moving in one well-coordinated direction on any matter, and so it has been with the adoption of...Read more