The birth of the Tulu Wikipedia
After eight years of effort and outreach, the Tulu language Wikipedia has gone live.
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The largest Wikipedia gathering in South Asia kicks off
Wiki Conference India 2016 is the largest gathering of contributors to Wikipedia and its sister projects in South Asia. It will be held August 5-7, 2016 in Chandigarh, India.
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Open source effort gives indigenous language an official typeface
Santali, an aboriginal South Asian language, has a brand new freely licensed font and set of cross-platform open source input tools on the way.
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A four year, action-packed experience with Wikipedia
How I got started with Wikipedia at 15 and became an Odia Wikimedian.
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8 challenges for improving the Indian-language Wikipedias
Whereas native-language Wikipedias are becoming game changers in other corners of the world, there is a lot of room for improvement in Indian-language Wikipedias.
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I saw Moriel Schottlender give a talk about this topic at 2016 in Geelong last month and asked her to submit an article about it. When you watch her talk video and read her article, you'll see why I couldn't take proper notes to write about the talk, so I'm glad she contributed her... Read more
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Why it's essential to grow Indian-language Wikipedias
Subha Panigrahi answers two questions: What is the state of Indian-language Wikipedia projects? What does India have to take from and give to Wikipedia?
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Wikimedia Sweden shares how its community helped translate menus for the Taste of Stockholm food festival.
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Wikipedia checkuser image from site
The Wikimedia community will gather in Odisha's capital of Bhubaneswar on June 3 to celebrate Odia Wikipedia's 13th anniversary.
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Wikipedia checkuser image from site
Wikipedia is one of the most frequently visited websites in the world. The vast online encyclopedia, editable by anyone, has become the go-to source for general information on any subject. However, the "crowdsourcing" used by Wikipedia opens their doors to spin and whitewashing–edits that may be... Read more
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