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Hi Niroj,
Seems like you're misinformed about the education project OLE Nepal has undertaken. It's not just about distribution of hardware (i.e. the OLPC laptops), but much to do with integrating ICT (as a tool) into the daily teaching-learning experience so as to improve it. That's why OLE Nepal has a strong focus on local content development (bound with the national curricula, e.g. E-Paath, as well as development and archival of reference materials in the form of e-library). To learn more about the OLPC model OLE Nepal is following, please refer to "Tackling the Problems of Quality and Disparity in Nepal’s School Education: The OLPC Model" that can be found at http://pustakalaya.org/view.php?pid=Pustakalaya:1045 and "How open source tools can create balanced learning environments" available at https://opensource.com/education/11/7/how-open-source-tools-create-balanced-learning-environments.

Regarding the Nepalese government undertaking of Open Source as a lie, I would like to reinstate it as being too slow instead of being a lie. Moving to Open Source is like a paradigm shift and it'll take time; we can't expect it to be adopted overnight. But there has been some slow progress. I myself have organized and lead "Open Source migration and Training" for various departments and ministry of the Nepalese government.

Yes, you're true that many people are not aware of Open Source and its virtues; but a lot are aware as well. Or shall I rephrase it as people being too tied to their use of proprietary solutions that they hesitate to change. We still have a long way to go to have Open Source adopted in the mainstream. It's not that the current environment is sans Open Source, but just that we have too little share.

Hope you would take this on a positive note. Thank You.

Social media has indeed create new levels of sharing, and in turn has encouraged content creation. Before the advent of social media, sharing was tightly coupled between known sharees, and hence there was less content for sharing. But since social media came into play, sharing has changed a lot. I keep sharing much on twitter and G+ without even bothering who might receive it on the other end, and this has helped me to meet with like minded people, and interact with them.