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Alexis Monville is building high impact sustainable organizations. Alexis is a member of the Engineering Leadership Team at Red Hat. Alexis brings more than 20 years of operations and management experience. Over the years, Alexis worked in diverse sectors, from the automotive industry, the epic Web start, IT consulting, public sector, software development, which led him to found a management and organization consulting and coaching firm. Alexis joined Red Hat in 2014 with the eNovance acquisition, where he was Chief Agility Officer, tasked to create and nurture an agile and collaborative culture to introduce the use multi-cloud services. Alexis is an active speaker and a thought leader in the fields of management and agile transformation, participating in industry events such as OpenStack Summit, Open World Forum, Agile Lean Europe.

Alexis is the author of Changing Your Team From The Inside, a book published in 2018.

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Thanks for sharing the game!
It could be great to publish it on the Open Practice Library

Thank you for creating the list!
I would like to add The Phoenix Project to it :)