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Allison is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer turned communications lead at Red Hat who is known for her enthusiastic speaking style and passion for helping other leaders inspire their teams. She's an experienced Agile practitioner and coach of software engineering teams in various stages of maturity, as well as a comms specialist with a change-management style steeped in the tradition of the Open Decision Framework. She's honored to have been an Open Organization Ambassador since 2016 and loves helping others find ways to put open principles into practice.

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I feel seen.

I haven't been diagnosed with OCD, but the anxiety performance loop hits very close to home for me. I think mine stems more from codependency, which a therapist and I have definitely discussed -- a tendency to need external validation, mixed with paralyzing fear of disappointing people I care about. It's such a joy. ;-)

Thanks for sharing, Sam!

Thank you so much, Kate! I would add a big +1 and say that information should not be used as a tool to wield power or maintain authority. We're all so much more effective with the right context!